DAMN! These Are The Sexiest Criminals OF ALL TIME…


Criminals. What do you think of when you consider the idea of the average criminal? A big, bruising dude? Shaved head? Tattoos? Yeah, us too. But not all law breakers are big ugly dudes. Some, like famous mug shot man Jeremy Weeks are pretty handsome. And when it comes to the ladies? You’d best believe that there are some hot female criminals…

Robberies, drugs charges, gang offences, DUIs – just because you’re hot, that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of breaking the law. We’ve got former Miss Teen Americas and even Playboy Playmate here.

This list is enough to wanna make you try jail yourself. Although you shouldn’t. You won’t find many nice-looking women in a men’s penitentiary.

Attractive Criminals

The Richest has put together a pretty comprehensive top ten of the hottest offenders ever arrested… Check it out: