Biker Gets Gun Pulled On Him During CRAZY Redneck Road Rage

Ah, second amendment rights. We’re all for them. It’s just such a shame that there has to be so many other idiots out there that can’t be trusted. And we’ve a big ol’ red truck full of backward Texas hillbillies as example here in this video. A biker and his pals are out for a ride, pretty much minding their own business. These bikers aren’t doing much, but they soon upset some armed rednecks…

One biker has a helmetcam and he captures the dudes flipping him and his friends off. So he goes to investigate. He knocks on their window and asks them why they’re so upset. And before he knows it? The window’s rolled down and a GUN is pointing at his face!

This is not a normal reaction. This is big time road rage. Check it out: