These Weird Unidentified ‘Hairy Blob Sea Monsters’ Keep Washing Up On Philippines Beach

Dinaget Islands, Barangay Poblacion, Philippines. Locals stumble across something truly bizarre on the beach. Something which shocked and confused them. And later marine biologists. A strange, hairy sea creature that no one can identify. And to make matters even weirder? More and more of the things kept washing up…

They’re being nicknamed ‘globsters‘ and appear to have long shaggy light-colored hair, almost like a dog. But they’re coming from the sea.

The creatures measure up to twenty feet long each and are the center of some fierce debate and disagreement between locals and experts. Some are adamant they’re just decompsoing manatees or whales, others are certain that these globsters are an entirely new species.

hairy-blob-sea-monsters-philippines-beach (1)

Lucy Babey, the head of science and conservation for the animal charity Orca says that she is certain that the ‘globster’ is the carcass of a big dead sea animal of some kind…

“It’s definitely a very decomposed sea creature in the later stages of decomposition,” she says.

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“The carcass is about six meters long, but that’s obviously not the whole carcass – there’s no tail so it would have been bigger than that,” Babey says. “That would suggest that it was probably a whale.”

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“They have numerous whale species in the Philippines such as the blue whale, fin whales and humpback whales as well as smaller whales such as minke whales.”

“Unfortunately with this animal it is far too decomposed to be able to get a confident identification on what animal it was,” she says.

hairy-blob-sea-monsters-philippines-beach (1)

Here’s some video footage of the mysterious creature…