Here’s Why You Don’t Pick A Bar Scrap With Wrestling Legend The Big Show…

Paul Wight is a nice guy. Friendly, non-aggressive… There’s no real reason to start a fight with him. Especially as he’s 7ft tall and weighs 420lbs. The dude’s a pro wrestler. You might have heard of him… He goes by the name ‘The Big Show’

Of course you’ve heard of him, he’s a WWE legend. But not everyone loves him. Some people – usually big drunk idiots – sometimes give him grief. Just like a douchebag named Robert Sawyer did one night back in 1998 after watching The Big Show perform live.

Wight was working for WCW at the time under the name, ‘The Giant’. Sawyer though he could take him, so began harassing him. And quickly regretted it!

Big Show

A hundred wrestling fans were crammed into the Marriott hotel bar after the show and 6ft 6”, 220lb Sawyer approached Wight and started mouthing off. “You’re not that big”… “Go to another federation.” That sort of thing.

“I asked him, very politely, to stop doing all the cursing and stuff. Stop doing what he was doing,” Wight says.

Big Show

Then Sawyer shoves him in the chest. Big mistake…

A HUGE right hook takes him out. No wrestling moves needed.

Big Show

Here’s the footage of the dude making the biggest mistake of his life…