Russia Creates New Extreme Type Of MMA And It Is BRUTAL!

The epitome of MMA as entertainment is UFC, right? With stars like Conor McGregor at the forefront. But there’s a new kid on the block, from Russia, that fancies trying to compete with UFC. It’s called ‘Arena Combat’ and it’s a team event with a points system. But explanation of the thing isn’t enough. In fact, it’s not even half – you’ve gotta watch the madness that unfolds!

Here’s what MMA fighter Casey Oxendine has to say about it: “This is taking it to the next level. We’re taking all of the athletic ability and skill from the realm of Mixed Martial Arts and transporting it to a different environment. MMA started an evolution of martial arts. Now it’s time to continue that evolution.’’

This really does take mixed martial arts up a level as sports entertainment. Could this be ready to replace UFC? Probably not. But would we watch it if it were TV? Hell, yes! Check it out: