Horrifying Moment A HUGE Huntsman Spider Eats A Whole LIZARD Caught In Its Web

Beerwah, Queensland, Australia. A young twentysomething couple, Melanie Jade Ottaway and Troy James, are settling down for dinner at home. Out of the corner of her eye, Melanie spots something out of the dining room window. A giant spider. Hey, it is Australia.

But this is no ordinary bid arachnid. It’s the world’s biggest spider. The Huntsman Spider. Here’s something messed up – these things eats small mice and cockroaches and things, so are actually WELCOMED by some Australians around the house as they’re mostly indifferent to humans. They’re 12″ across ferchrissakes!

Anyway, this Huntsman? He was eating a lizard! A whole lizard…

‘We just sat down to have dinner at the dining table and noticed something massive on the glass sliding door,’ Melanie says. ‘I got up to have a closer look and there it was, a huge huntsman with a gorgeous little gecko in his mouth. ‘

Spider Eats Lizard

‘It was too late to save him, so we let nature take its path. It’s creepy isn’t it, but fascinating in a strange way.’

Spider Eats Lizard

Here’s more:

It happens. Every so often… Here’s some better footage of a huntsman enjoying a lizard-y lunch…