Ice Cube Reunites With NWA On Stage For Epic Coachella Performance!


California’s Coachella music festival is one of the highlights of the year for any true muso. Along with SXSW, it’s the greatest showcase of live music in America and the envy of the world. And with good reason – you get some awesome line-ups. None more so than this year when the festival saw Ice Cube reunite with NWA! They Forgot About Dre, but the rest of the crew (except the late Eazy-E, of course) all made it out.

And it sounded AWESOME. Ice has lost none of his power and anger and gave a brutal performance of the classics, including ‘F*ck Da Police’ and all the other tracks we all heard again recently in Straight Outta Compton.

It’s almost like going back in time, this. An epic performance that we’re jealous we didn’t get to see live. Still, let’s enjoy the next best thing – the video…

Here’s some more for you: