Welcome To The ‘Ice Cubiverse’ – A Fan Theory That’ll Blow Your Mind…

Ice Cube‘s never won an Oscar. Sure, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean that the dude’s a bad actor. Some people might argue that he is and throw the fact that ‘he always play the same sort of character’ at you. Well, one movie fan has come up with a theory that might explain why his roles are so similar…

Ice Cube plays exactly the same character in every movie. Every film part is the same character, just slightly moved on from the last situation.


So do you wanna know how this all works, huh?

Ice cube

Sure you do. Well, get comfortable. You’re in for one Helluva ride!

Lets’ start with Cube’s breakthrough hit, John Singleton’s Boyz n The Hood, shall we? After taking revenge for his brother Rcky’s murder, we’re told that Cube dies. But we don’t see it. So suppose he faked his own death to get the heat off.

He lies low at his pal Smokey’s. In Friday. And in Next Friday. But trouble catches up with him so he leaves LA…

Ice Cube

To join the armed forces. It’s the Gulf War. We’re in Three Kings territory. After a gold heist goes wrong, he returns home. Trained like a sonofab*tch. Hence his antics in XXX: State of the Union.

Ice Cube

He saves the President’s ass in XXX2, so decides to get away from the limelight a little and retrains as a videographer and joins J-LO and Join Voight up the Amazon in Anaconda.

Only just surviving that, he decides to go back to school and get some qualifications. See Higher Learning. To pay his student debts he works cutting hair in Barbershop.

Ice Cube

With his qualifications, he trains to be a police detective, rising through the ranks until we see him in 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. He then goes into freelance bounty hunting as in It’s All About The Benjamins where he catches some diamond thieves and steals their loot…

Then with the money sets up a colony on the red planet in Ghost of Mars!

So what do you reckon? Convinced?! Sure you are…

Ice Cube

H/T: The Daily Dot