Cowardly ISIS Fighters Flee War Zone Dressed As Women

Mosul, Iraq. The city is under constant attack and is about to fall. ISIS‘s former stronghold is slipping from their hands. ISIS commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has reportedly told women associated with the group that they can leave the city. And so they scooting off in record numbers. But so are some men. Dressed as women…

Iraqi media outlet Al Sumaria says this about the bizarre goings-on: ‘The ISIS evacuated what it called the women of caliphate from the city of Mosul to the Syrian ISIS-held cities including Raqqa, over the last two days,’ pointing out that, ‘These women are the wives of the leaders of ISIS.’

‘The women of caliphate were evacuated by orders from Baghdadi to avoid being captured by the security forces or rebellious people of Mosul after liberating the city.’


Make-up and dresses!

A strange, strange story. Here’s a little more on it…