Jimmy Fallon Convinces A PETRIFIED Kevin Hart To Ride A Roller Coaster – His Reaction? CRAZY!

Kevin Hart doesn’t like roller coasters. He claims to be scared of nothing else. But roller coasters? They make him terrified. Which probably isn’t a great thing to admit to a guy like Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy, obviously, made Kevin go on one for The Tonight Show. And Kev’s reaction? Crazy! He wasn’t joking! He just can’t handle the things. He goes nuts on them. We’ve never seen someone react to a ‘coaster like THIS before…

They’re down in Orlando, Florida. At the¬†Universal Orlando resort. The ride? One of the world’s most extreme roller coasters. One of the biggest and baddest¬†contraptions ever designed… The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket.

The diminutive actor is barely tall enough to ride the the Rocket. And you KNOW there were kids on that thing acting cooler than him on it at the time. Poor dude. This is hilarious – check it out: