Jiu Jitsu Dude Takes Down Drunk Who’s Harassing a Woman Outside His MMA Gym

It’s not cool to harass a woman anywhere, under any circumstances. The drunk guy in the video you’re about to see should have known better. But, well, he ain’t the smartest dude in the world, that’s for sure. After all, why would he choose a damn MMA gym to start going crazy outside?!

He’s outside Kurt Osiander’s BJJ Academy in San Francisco, yelling and cussing and generally being a douchebag. It’s all about this girl inside, you see. But he’s starting to tick a few people off. Including a Jiu Jitsu expert who’s eager to quieten him up…

In no time at all, he’s got the stalker guy on the ground in a move and making him tap out. He gets him to agree to behave and go home. You gotta see this!