Justin Bieber Training For MMA; Claims To Now Be Able To ‘Take’ Conor McGregor

He’s perhaps the planet’s biggest and richest pop star. But he wants to get out of the game. Why? To get the sh*t kicked out of him, apparently… Yeah, that’s right. Justin Bieber has spent the past twelve months secretly training to learn mixed martial arts. His dream? To fight in the UFC. And take on Conor McGregor!

Sounds crazy, right? Right. But according to the singer he’s been working with some top ex-pros and claims to be almost fight ready…

He’s what Bieber says about his potential career change: “I want to get healthier, I want to be leaner, and I want to show the world that I can fight. I think that if I reach my potential I can kick Conor Mcgregor’s ass. I really do. I know it might sound crazy and I’ve a lot of work still to do but I’m working with some of the top fighters in the world, and I will be ready to go by this time next year.”

bieber mcgregor

“I really want to fight Conor Mcgregor. I was a big fan of his before he became all about the money and fame, and I really think I’ll be able to take him soon. I’m feeling stronger and stronger every day…”

There’s a good chance that The Irishman might well find Bieber’s statements pretty damn funny. But then he’d know a few things about being funny himself. Here are some of his most amusing moments…