Karate Teacher From Florida Caught Sending Nudes To Student Who’s Just 11 Years Old


A Florida teacher has been arrested after sending indecent and suggestive texts and images to an eleven year-old boy. 21 year-old Stephanie Figueroa is a karate teacher at ‘Next Gen Xtreme Martial Arts School‘. She’s now in police custody.

There wasn’t much in the way of subtlety in the messages that she sent the unnamed youngster. Many were pictures of her in various states of undress. Other were text messages which were described as ‘explicit’ by arresting officers. One simply said, “I want to have s*x with you.”

Figueroa is being charged with solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, showing a minor obscene material and even child abuse. She’s going to jail.

Good job she knows how to fight, huh?

Stephanie Figueroa

Here is Ms. Figueroa displaying her skills (karate, not the other stuff…):