Kevin Hart And The Rock’s Rap About Leo And The Bear’ Is HILARIOUS!

We’ve just had the MTV Movie Awards and they were a blast, entirely due to the comic brilliance of the hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. One of the highlights for us? Their stupidly funny ‘rap’ mentioning Leonardo DiCaprio‘s performance in the Oscar-winning movie, The Revenant. We all remember the controversy about ‘that bear scene’, don’t we? And what supposedly happened to dear Leo…? Sure we do.

And, well, that’s where the touching and thoughtful lyrics of “Leo Got F*cked by a Bear” come in. It’s part of a wider track detailing some of the highlights and best bits of the past two and a half decades of the MTV Movie Awards.

That’s right – the awards were celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. What a fitting tribute, huh…?