Cocky Thirteen Year Old Thief Gets Prison Treatment To Straighten Him Out

Meet thirteen year old Ethan. He’s a cocky little douche who steals from his grandparents, doesn’t do as he’s told and has no respect for his elders or authority. Ethan thinks he knows it all, just like his brother Buck did before him when he was Ethan’s age. A couple years ago, Ethan’s father approached the reality show Beyond Scared Straight and enrolled Buck on their ‘scaring the hell out of teenage tearaways by sticking them in prison’ program. It worked. Buck is now on the straight and narrow. Now Ethan’s dad wants Ethan to receive the same treatment. Ethan thinks being tossed in jail with some of the worst offenders in the country will be a walk in the park. After all, he’s a thirteen year old tough guy. He ain’t sacred of nuthin’.

Well he’s about to get a very nasty wake up call about the realities of life. Enjoy, Ethan!

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