McLaren Runs Stop Sign; Hits a Kid; Kid Smashes Windscreen With Skateboard


Now there are two ways at looking at this video you’re about to see. Either you’re on the side of the driver here who gets his property damaged and decides to do something about it. Or you on the side of the kid who lashes out after being wronged…

The situation: A bright orange McLaren pulls up to a stop sign. But doesn’t stop in time and knocks into a kid on a skateboard. The kid falls off. The kid’s livid. The kid picks up his skateboard and smashed the supercar‘s windscreen with it. The kid runs. The drivers chases after him.

What do you make of it, then? Was the boarder right to retaliate? Or do you never mess with another man’s wheels…?

Smashes Lambo Window (1)

Damn, this is amazing work… Check out the chase!