Armed Robber Attacks Family But Just Watch How The Little Boy Reacts…


Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland. It was about 9pm on May 20th and a family are out shopping in GameStop. As they browse the store, suddenly two armed robbers enter. They’re screaming and waving guns around. Everyone freezes and complies. Well, almost everyone.

As the adults do as they’re told, the criminals begin robbing the place, taking goods, cash and even personal property from the family. But the youngest son, just seven years of age is having NONE of it.

Despite his tiny frame, he puts up a real fight and challenges the men, throwing little punches and kicks. Hey, it was dangerous but you have to admire the tenacity of the kid, right?

Kid Stops Robbers

Here’s the security footage. This kid is true lil’ Thug…