Kimbo Slice’s Son Takes After His Old Man; DESTROYS Opponent In First MMA Fight

Kevin Ferguson Jr. Kimbo Slice‘s son. Baby Slice. Call him what you like. We’re calling him a pretty promising-looking fighter. His old man, Kevin Ferguson Sr. (aka Kimbo), is known as the Daddy of backyard brawling. And it looks as though the fighting gene has passed down to his kid. Baby Slice made his amateur MMA debut this weekend and looked SHARP. It took him just 83 seconds to dispatch his opponent Tom Brink. And he did so in pretty devastating fashion.

Okay, it might be a little too early to start talking about Kimbo the Younger as a real prospect just yet. But the potential looks there. He’s currently fighting in Warrior Nation, but if he keeps up his form, there’s a pretty good chance Ferguson could find himself courted by Dana White and the UFC.

The speed and the power on show here might even suggest that Young Slice has more in his locker than his big punching pop. Check it out: