Kimbo Slice Vs Ken Shamrock Finally Got In The Ring – What Happened? A FEROCIOUS KO!


It’s the classic fight that mixed martial arts fans have been waiting for for years. Ken ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Shamrock and backyard fighting hero Kimbo Slice finally stepped into the ring together at Bellator 138 and the results were BRUTAL.

Okay, okay, so these two ain’t exactly at the height of their powers. And some people were even saying that it’d make for a sad thing to watch, two old guys belting each other. But we don’t agree. Slice and Shamrock are legends and while there’s still breath in their bodies, these boys can still fight. Yeah, Shamrock’s 51 and Kimbo hasn’t been in the ring for nearly five years, but you never truly lose it.

It’s a first round knockout. Ken always starts well and knows he has to finish early, but Kimbo’s not known for getting sparked out, is he? Or is he? Which way you think it went?

Watch The Full Fight