Dude Eats Next To A Table Full Of Cops And Totally FREAKS OUT!

Let’s be honest, the relationship between ordinary people and the police force in America ain’t exactly at its strongest, is it? Police misconduct, harassment and the shootings of innocent police have certainly seen to that. And with the business in Ferguson, tensions between cops and black people are especially concerning.

Comedian Kountry Wayne knows all about it, but he makes his point in a funny way. Eating at a Waffle House with a pal, he notices they’re on a table next to a whole bunch of off-duty cops eating dinner. It’s hard to relax in such a situation. Which explains his freak out and inability to eat his grits properly…

This is great. It’ll make you laugh, but there’s a serious message deep down here. Check out what goes down:

When your eating at a Waffle House full of police!When your eating at a Waffle House full of police! Kountry Wayne

Posted by Official WorldStarHipHop on Tuesday, 11 August 2015