Lawyer Admits To Rampant Drug Use And Sleeping With Clients Behind Bars


It’s a fundamental rule for lawyers – don’t get involved in relationships with your clients. That’s a rule Florida lawyer Linda Hadad failed to adhere to recently, and it’s landed her in all kinds of trouble. The 42-year-old former public defender has been disbarred and banned from practicing law after admitting having sexual relations with several inmates of a local jail. She also admitted a history of drug abuse. “Hadad engaged in a pattern of misconduct that included illegal drug use and sexual relationships with clients,” said the Florida Bar in a statement. “She had inappropriate intimate relationships with inmates at the Volusia County jail while she represented them, and engaged in inappropriate phone calls, which were routinely recorded by the jail.”

Hadad admitted to having an intimate relationship with Steven Sullivan, a client she was representing, and taking crystal meth with him which Sullivan told her would enhance their sex life.

The former Volusia County defender also admitted to taking a wide range of narcotics over the years, including cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, acid, marijuana, Xanax, oxycodene and Adderall.


Hadad, who has already been arrested five times over the years for various offences including DUI, admitted she had engaged in phone sex with Sullivan and another inmate, Brandon Carson (pictured below), while they were both incarcerated. The court heard extremely graphic recordings made between the three, including telling Carson she regretted the fact she couldn’t touch his manhood because he was inside.


Hadad was also heard agreeing to Sullivan’s demands to try crystal meth after he threatened to grab a diabetic needle and inject the drug in her himself. The graphic phone sex recordings and drug abuse talk caused Hadad to ask the judge for the tape to be switched off at one stage during the hearing.


In a lengthy deposition, Hadad also admitted flashing at a nightclub bouncer after failing to pay for a cover. For this she was almost arrested by a police officer at the time.