The Slickest Mobile Home Ever Created’s A Real Game Changer… Wait ’til You See Inside This Bad Boy!

People are calling them “the most luxurious mobile homes in the world”. And it’s not hard to see why. These things are beyond incredible. They’re Italian. And called ‘eleMMent Palazzos‘. If you can picture your retirement cruising around the country is a sweet mobile home, then this thing is for you.

Well, if you can afford one, that is… These amazing recreational vehicles set back their owners a cool half a million Dollars each. That’s right. $500,000 for a ride. Good job is super slick then, eh?

Bedrooms, bathrooms, spas, flatscreen TVs, air conditioning, a roof deck, underfloor heating… The list of amenities is almost endless. Icemaker, wine cabinet, a bar, kingsize beds. It’s incredible.

eleMMent Palazzo

We gotta win the lottery.

eleMMent Palazzo

So, so cool…

eleMMent Palazzo

This thing is so slick it’s unreal. Check it out for yourself right here: