Make a Wish Foundation Makes Little Boy With Leukemia’s Dream To Blow A Bunch Of Stuff Up A Reality!

12 year-old Australian kid Declan McLean is a real boy’s boy. He loves action films and messing about and his greatest wish? Simple. ‘To blow stuff up‘.

But he’s not been able to lead a normal life for some time now. Declan has leukemia and the blood cell cancer has had him in hospitals for longer than he or his family care to remember.

So the Make a Wish people decided to get involved and help out. They organized a pretty damn sweet weekend of blowing sh*t up for Declan…

Make a Wish Foundation explosions (1)

Declan’s mom, Belinda McLean, said he was stoked in the lead-up to the big day and talked about nothing else…

“He’s had a focus other than his treatment, something to look forward to because it can be overwhelming when you’re going through it. You don’t realize how important these wishes are until you’re receiving one.”

Make a Wish Foundation explosions (1)

“The whole experience is something we’ll never forget … We can’t say thank you enough.”

Here are the explosive highlights…

And here’s more on Declan and the story behind it all: