BEAST MODE! Old Dude DESTROYS Wasp Nest With His Bare Hands

Bees make honey. They’re useful. Clever. Industrious. What do wasps make? Other than everyone in the world scared and angry? They make nothing. They’re horrible things. Getting a nest of them up in the rafters of your home is a real pain too.

But getting out a pest control guy can be expensive… No one wants to shell out for a job they could possibly do themselves. But who knows how to dispose of a wasp nest? Well, this ol’ dude here seems to know. And they’re ain’t no real skill or technique to it. He just grabs it and smashes it.


That’s right. It’s full of wasps too…

Man Smashes Wasps Nest

Then we see him creep into shot and ready himself before the big moment…

Man Smashes Wasps Nest

This guy is our new hero.

Man Smashes Wasps Nest

STEEL HANDS. What a dude. See exactly how he managed it…