Texas Man Gets Genitals RIPPED OFF After Trying To Mount A Pit Bull

Austin, Texas. A 33 year-old man is recovering in hospital from serious injuries to his genitals after the pit bull terrier he was trying to intimately molest ATTACKED him. Rupert Harris‘ penis was almost entirely severed and he lost a testicle after the incident turned ugly. Doctors are now trying desperately to reattach his member, but rate his chances no better than 50/50.

 “I could see Rupert from my bedroom window yelling at the dog and calling him ‘pretty boy,’” said Mildred Washington, a next-door neighbor. “He gets this dog in his yard and, oh my God, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.”

“While the dog was eating the bacon, Rupert dropped his drawers and tried to stick it in the dog. That’s when it turned around and bit that man’s little d*ck clean off.  Damn, I never heard a man scream like that. Looks like he got some sausage with the bacon. That’s when I called 911…”  

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Harris has a long history of mental health problems and was arrested back in 2009 for sexual misconduct with a fox.

He remains at the hospital under both physical and mental evaluation. Austin Police are yet to announce whether they will be pressing charges.