Man Kicks Phone Thief Off Moving Scooter With AWESOME Kung Fu-Style Move


Foshan in Guangdong, south China. The birthplace of┬áthe martial arts legend Wong Fei-Hung. And the man’s legend and moves run deep. As demonstrated excellently in this clip here that’s going viral right now.

A truck driver hears a tap at his cab window so winds it down. The guy knocking turns out to be a thief who grabs the truck driver’s cellphone and makes off on a scooter.

The thief then has to make a U-turn and come back the phoneless dude’s way. So he jumps out his truck and faces down the scooter rider who is racing towards him. With a perfectly timed kick he takes the thief off his ride – punches him and takes his phone back!

Man Kicks Thief Off Scooter (1)

Alright, maybe the townsfolk and media are going a little crazy here. It’s a cool move and we love the guy for doing it, but he’s hardly likely to get offered a series of movies next to Chris Tucker is he?

Man Kicks Thief Off Scooter (1)

Bruce Lee would still be proud.

Man Kicks Thief Off Scooter (1)

See the wicked move for yourself…