Man Kills Wife For Cheating On Him With The Family Dog

Pahokee, Florida. A 54 year-old man is in custody at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office after being arrested for the murder of his wife after he allegedly caught her cheating on him. With the family dog. Enoch Castor is thought to have walked in on his 28 year-old wife Richelle Castor naked, writhing about on the kitchen floor with their 65lb Pit Bull Terrier, Buck. Police currently believe that he shot his wife point blank with a .38, but let the dog off.

According to reports, the couple had an agreement that dog-fancying Richelle was allowed to strip down to give him belly rubs and sometimes shower with Buck at weekends, but it’s had been agreed that their ‘relationship’ wouldn’t go any further.

“They were a little different, sure, but we all are round here,” says the The Castors’ neighbor, Dwain Ingletts.

Man Kills Wife Over Dog
Richelle Castor and her lover, Buck.

“They had their agreement about Buck and Richelle went and broke that agreement. I’m not saying that what Enoch did was alright, but when you repeatedly tell your wife not to have s*x with your dog and then she does? There ain’t no other course of action. I’d have done the same thing. If I had a wife. Or a dog,” he went on.

Man Kills Wife Over Dog
Arrested: Enoch Castor.

Castor remains in police custody and faces a possible jail sentence of up to thirty years if found guilty of first degree murder and animal cruelty.

Mrs. Castor’s funeral is to be held in early May and Buck is currently waiting to be adopted from a Pahokee animal shelter. Potential adopters are not told of his history, merely that he is ‘very friendly’.