Gun Nut Loses Leg After Turning Lawnmower Into Massive BOMB!

It can be a lot of fun to shoot guns in the woods. Provided you’ve got a gun and a licence and some common sense, it’s a harmless hobby. But unfortunately not everyone is in full receipt of all three of these things. Hey, we don’t want to pour scorn on this dude here, but what he got up to? Pretty stupid. The guy is David Pressley. What he did? Not to be taken lightly. He lost his leg. By shooting a lawnmower that he’d packed full of EXPLOSIVES. Yeah, really.

He packed an old grass chewer full of 3lbs of Tannerite and fired at it. While filming. And it didn’t go well. The blast was much bigger than he anticipated and it ended up blowing off his leg. He should’ve stood behind something for protection or stood well back. But he didn’t…

A stray piece of shrapnel hit him below the knee and you can see what went down in this footage: