Man Cleverly Employs Drone To Catch His Cheating Wife Of 18 Years In The Act!

Drones. The biggest new technology, it seems they’re now being used for all sorts of things. But perhaps the most ingenious one we’ve seen recently? By this guy who caught his wife cheating on him using one. He mounted a camera to one and followed her one day. And got all the evidence he needed…

First off, the husband – who goes by the online name of ‘YOAG’ stars explaining the situation calmly. But soon, he’s starts losing it and screaming…

“Here she is taking her hair out. Great, make yourself look pretty for the guy you’re about to cheat on your husband with, right?!Yup, make sure your hair’s all nice. Is she brushing her hair? I don’t know what she’s doing. She’s making sure her hair looks all nice for this c*cksucker!”

“Eighteen f*cking years gone! Eighteen years and you just threw it away like that. We had a good marriage, I thought it was a pretty good marriage. Apparently not!”

Caught cheating drone

Drones. the new weapon in catching cheating partners!

Caught cheating drone

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