UFC Fighter Matt Mitrione Suffers GRUESOME Eye Injury After Illegal Pokes By Travis Browne

Former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Matt Mitrione suffered one of the nastiest-looking injuries ever seen in the UFC after a TKO decision saw him beaten by the boyfriend of Ronda Rousey, Travis Browne. The bout was stopped in the third round after a flurry of punches, but it was a couple of intentional-looking eye pokes that might just have done the damage.

After the twin controversies of leaving his wife for Rousey and now these suspected eye pokes, Browne finds himself up against such harsh criticism. Here’s how he responded: “You know, it’s a win – and it’s a win against a very unorthodox, tricky kind of guy. It was a kind of funky fight. It’s kind of hard to look good against that guy. People can’t smash my dreams, so they try to assassinate my character. That’s what people do what aren’t comfortable with themselves.”

Check out what happened during the fight. It’s a nasty one…

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