Michael Jai White Shows How To Correctly Throw A Knockout Punch

Michael Jai White is slick. You know that. The actor and martial artist is a natural born fighter. And so is Kimbo Slice, the backyard legend. But don’t get confused – these boys aren’t punch-drunk brawlers. They’re smart. And to top it off – damn nice guys! All of these things come together in this fascinating video right here.

The two friends are chilling on the set of the movie, Blood & Bone. Kimbo’s fighting ability – as you’ll know – is up there. We’ve all seen him take on scores of tough guys and win. He knows how to throw hands. But he’s a humble dude with humility, always ready to listen and learn. And here MJW is showing him a few tricks he never knew about it. You’ll learn something from this, no doubt!

The main technique shows how you can land a punch on Kimbo Slice – or anyone – is super slow motion. It’s crazy how it works, but it totally makes sense…

Check out White’s amazing self defense advice: