Leaked Video Shows 49 Year-Old Mike Tyson DESTROYING A Punching Bag!


Mike Tyson is almost fifty years of age, can you believe that? We still remember watching some of his fights way back when. And while he may have retired some years ago, ‘Iron’ Mike has still got some moves. He might not be one of the world’s most devastating punchers anymore, but he’s still pretty damn sharp!

For fans of the man, seeing him on talk shows and in movies like The Hangover is all well and good, but nothing comes close to the sheer thrill of watching a fighter with the predatory skills of someone like Tyson destroying an opponent.

To prove that he can still mix it, the man behind the most gripping and searingly honest sports autobiography ever written (‘The Undisputed Truth’), hit the gym. We’re not entirely sure what was being filmed here, but a short clip has been leaked. And the way he tears into that punching bag? DAMN!

Not that you probably need reminding, but here’s the proof that Iron Mike might just have been the best heavyweight boxer of all time: