Unknown MMA Fighter Makes Waves With Stunning Clinical Knockout

If you want to make a name for yourself in MMA, there’s no better way than with a clinically-executed kick that sends your opponent spiraling to the canvas and out for the count. That’s how amateur Sheldon Reid announced his arrival in a fight against Julio Calcina recently. The fight had been brought to a temporary halt before Sheldon’s brutal take-down after Calcina delivered an illegal low blow. When the fight resumed, Calcina did not see Reid’s front kick finisher coming. In Reid’s case, revenge was a dish best served red hot.

The fight took place at Shinobi War 7 in the port of Liverpool in England. Reid’s take-down has catapulted him up the rankings, and he’s now on the hunt for his first bantamweight title. He’s also $1200 richer in prize money.

This guy could be one to watch if his flooring of Julio Calcina is anything to go by. Has MMA found a new star? Check it out: