Fighter Refuses To Engage And Just Runs… How The Referee Reacts? DAMN STRAIGHT!


Running away from your opponent in the ring during a fight. It’s a tactic employed with some controversy. Some people understand it, some people hate it. The debate raged recently after Conor McGregor was judged to have been running from Nate Diaz too much in their rematch. For our money? McGregor only used the time to get his breath back – he still fought properly.

Alistair Overeem has taking a bashing for his running too. He is a little light on his feet at times, but again – only within the confines of decency and the rules. But we’ve got the opposite of that right here for you…

An Extreme Fighting Championship fight from South Africa, recently. We see a fighter actually get disqualified in the final round for continually running away from his opponent. Bruno Mukulu spent a huge amount of his fight against Henry Fadipe on the run. Like, almost all of it. And the ref lost his temper with it.


We’re backing the ref here. Good work, man…