‘Mudding’… It’s Weird, It’s Wild – But You’ve Never Seen It Like THIS Before!


Ever heard of ‘mudding‘? We can’t believe that we’ve only just found out about this… It’s also called ‘mud bogging‘ and it’s, well, it’s AWESOME. It’s crazy stuff. But it looks a Helluva fun thing to do. What’s it all about? Well, mud. And 4x4s. And girls. And beers. And monster trucks. And girls. And mud.

Wikipedia describes it like this: ‘The goal is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud or a track of a set length. Winners are determined by the distance traveled through the pit.’ But that kinda makes it sound like a sport. It’s more just about get mud all over you and having fun.

You get to see some pretty awesome trucks in actions, some cool tricks going on and, of course, plenty of females letting their (muddy) hair down…


Rednecks do it better… They know how to have a good time, don’t they? Beers, engines and smokin’ ladies getting muddy.

See for yourself: