Man SNAPS; Kills Two Relatives; Shoots Two Cops; Livestreams His Escape On Facebook


Midwest City, Oklahoma. A man by the name of Michael Vance is at large, after a brutal murder spree preceeded a getaway from police which he livestreamed on Facebook. Here’s what happened – it’s quite a story… First he s*xually assaults a fifteen year-old, then he thinks it’s all a set up and that everyone’s against him. He kills his aunt and uncle. Then beheads them. Then shoots a woman while carjacking her. Then shoots two cops in a big shootout. And he’s still on the loose.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning that Vance has HIV and is intent on spreading the disease as part of his twisted plan to get revenge on the people he feels have wronged him.

In the video, the strangely calm Vance is seen driving a truck and talking to viewers. He says: ‘This ain’t a joke. This ain’t a prank. This is where it gets interesting. If you want to know what happens next, stay tuned to your local news channel. ‘It hurts, it sucks. America, you knew this would happen. That I would get my guns and… You’re lucky it went down this way.’

Here’s a news report on the story: