Nate Diaz ‘Medically Suspended’ Until Extremely Coincidental Date!


By now we’ll assume that you know that the unbeatable Conor McGregor got beat. And by a stand-in, of all things, That’s not to say that Nate Diaz isn’t a top fighter, he is. It was just a shocker that he replaced Dos Anjos almost at the last minute and managed to defeat the Irishman. He won the fight, but was still pretty beat up afterwards (as you can imagine).

So badly hurt was he that the Nevada Athletic Commission decided to set in with a medical suspension. It’s not an unusual move, it’s just for safety of fighters, more than anything. But the timing of the date is pretty interesting…

Diaz has been sidelined until April 20th. And what is April 20th? Well, it’s a pretty big day in the calendar of anyone who likes a smoke. It’s Weed Day. And Nate and his brother Nick Diaz have never been shy about admitting their love of the blunt…

Nate Diaz

In fact, it’s already a bit of a joke among fans of the fighters.

Nate Diaz

Heh. Funny timing, right?!

‘I feel like I’m the best fighter in the world’,┬ásaid Nate, understandably, after defeating McGregor. Here’s more from his post-fight interview…