Nicki Minaj Goes Full Bitch At Security Guard During A Concert…


We all know that Nicki Minaj isn’t a girl to be messed with, don’t we? If there’s one pop star you’d never dream of crossing, it’s the Anaconda singer. She’s pretty damn ‘fierce’, to put it politely. What we’re saying is – she’s a crazy b*tch and she’d mess your sh*t up. And we’ve more proof of that right here for you. The Minaj was performing a concert in the Middle Eastern city of Dubai. When she saw something that made her flip…

She stopped a song halfway through to stomp over to a security guard who she had noticed was sat there staring at his cellphone. Clearly furious, she snatched the phone off the dude and confiscated it like she was a school principal or something.

This dude’s out of a job, isn’t he? There’s no way he’s escaping punishment after this. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Nicki had him whacked after the show or something. Alright, alright – she’s not that fierce’insane. But she’s certainly not to be messed with. Here’s why:

Her fans were pretty quick to jump to her defence too:

Lesson: Don’t f*ck with Nicki Minaj.