Morbidly Obese Woman Finds Nokia 3310 In Fat Folds 12 Years After Losing It

Little Rock, Arkansas. A morbidly obese woman has made an unusual discovery this week… An original Nokia 3310. But she didn’t find the iconic old cellphone in an old cupboard or down in the basement – she found the thing in between two of her FAT FOLDS. And a full TWELVE YEARS after losing the handset.

“I lost that thing back in 2005,” 39 year-old Mary Ann Wyde told local newspaper The Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

“I don’t keep the trailer all that neat and tidy. I’m no Martha Stewart. So I just figure it was under a cushion or behind a door or something,” she went on.

Fat Woman Nokia 3310

Back in Little Rock and Ms. Wyde is planning on losing some weight. “I lost a Tamagotchi back in the late nineties that turned up in my belly button a few years later.”

“So I figure if I drop a few pounds, I can make sure no more gadgets get lost up in all this,” she laughed while jiggling her belly.

Fat Woman Nokia 3310

While bizarre, this cellphone discovery is by no means isolated. Lots of odd items have been found inside the fat folds of obese people. These include paperclips, plastic forks, packets of hoisin duck sauce, loose change, bags of weed and even an entire turkey sandwich.

The emergency room doctor who extracted the sandwich said this at the time:

“A morbidly obese man with a large abdominal pannus came in exhibiting red, irritated skin around the abdomen. It looked like a routine skin infection. But what was the cause? During the exam, I lifted the pannus and a turkey sandwich fell from between his folds. The man said it was about a month old, which the smell confirmed.”

Fat Woman Nokia 3310

Back in Little Rock and rumours that the 3310 still had some battery life are yet to be confirmed.