Showing Off In Traffic, This Guy’s About To Ruin His $400k Lamborghini!

If there’s one thing you see quite a lot of in Dubai, it’s expensive supercars. The mega rich buy half million dollar sportscars over there like you and I buy groceries. So it’s probably not the end of the world when one goes wrong. But can you just imagine how devastated you’d be if you over-revved a Lamborghini and caught fire?!

The driver you’re about to see is revving his engine like the kind of show-off you can imagine would continuously rev the engine of his Lambo in Dubai traffic. And we won’t lie, it kind of amused us when it started to go wrong for him…

You have to wonder slightly about $400,000 is a little too much for a car that sets alight when you rev the engine a little, don’t you?

Check it out: