This Small White Man Enters The Sumo Ring. Next? DAMN!

Takanoyama Shuntarō is a Sumo wrestler. But he’s no ordinary Sumo wrestler. You see, he isn’t Japanese. He’s from the Czech Republic. But that’s not the most startling thing about Pavel Bojar (which is his real name…). It’s just how damn small he is.

Compared to the fighters he comes up against, Bojar is tiny. A small – yet muscular – little dude, he should get the floor wiped with him every time, right? Right. But that’s not how it plays out. You see, Takanoyama is THE MAN in the ring.

He weighs less than two hundred pounds, but has been Sumo wrestling since he was seventeen years of age. He got into it via the other great Japanese fighting discipline, Judo.

Pavel Bojar Sumo

Takanoyama Shuntarō. The unexpected Czech Sumo wrestling legend. Here he is in his prime…