MMA Fighter Takes Such A Beating He Starts Fighting The REF Thinking It’s His Opponent…


It’s been a weird old week for MMA. We’ve seen perhaps the best fight of the year. And a truly stunning spinning wheel kick we’ll never forget. But there’s been the odd downside and head scratcher too. Like the dude who accidentally hit the ring girl…

MMA Fighter Takes on Referee (1)

And here we’ve got another rum ol’ event for you. A fight in which one of the dudes gets such a hammering, he loses all track of where he is, what he’s doing and who he’s fighting.

He gets up after a knockdown and he’s all over the place. He tries to fight the ref ferchrissakes!

MMA Fighter Takes on Referee (1)

Luckily for the punch drunk kid swinging wildly, the referee wasn’t a little guy. He’s a fighter himself. Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho, he’s known as.

Camacho’s experience is telling, you can see that he instantly understands the situation and goes towards the guy to calm him. A lesser official might have taken it the wrong way…

MMA Fighter Takes on Referee (1)

Here’s what went down: