Python Sinks Its Fangs Into Man’s Penis While He’s On The Toilet


Think about your very worst nightmare. Got it? Now times it by a million. That’s probably what came true for Atthaporn Boonmakchuay, a man living in Bangkok, Thailand, after a python bit the tip of his penis whilst he was sitting on the toilet.

Boonmakchuay admits that he felt a sharp bite and reached down into the toilet bowl, only to find the snake’s jaw clamped onto his penis. He then screamed for his wife while trying to battle the 11ft python. After a few minutes, Boonmakchuay had lost so much blood that he passed out. But not before managing to tie a rope around the snake’s body and attaching the rope to the door.

After Boonmakchuay was rushed to the hospital, emergency crew began their best efforts to remove the python from the pipes, using a hammer to set it free. The reptile was then released back into the wild. Boonmakchuay is now stable and in the hospital.