Awesome Mansion Known As ‘Wayne Manor’ Even Has Its Own Batcave!


In an otherwise nondescript suburb of Melbourne, Australia, called Toorak – there’s a pretty incredible house. A mansion that sits on top on a luxury supercar-filled Batcave!

The property is 2,500 square feet in total and it’s a real beauty. But it’s what lurks beneath the tennis court that really catches the eye. And with the help of some hydraulic mechanisms, you can drive straight down into it…

Wayne Manor

The incredible Batcave-looking underground lair, attached to the amazing house has earned the place the nickname, ‘Wayne Manor’ after the billionaire businessman alter ego of Batman.

The place was designed by some very high end architects indeed, a firm called Molecule. Anja de Spa, Jarrod Haberfield and Richard Fleming hoped to add what they call a ‘subversive element’ to their drawings and vision. And they’ve achieved that. The place is ridiculously cool.

Wayne Manor

‘In a very well-mannered heritage house… we were asked to reintroduce some of the glamour,’ Haberfield said.

‘Earlier architects had stripped back a little too much from the grand spaces and we needed to bring back their period strength and character.’  

He didn’t go on to say how easy it must be to seal the deal if you brought someone back to the pad from the club, but hey – we’re sure he knows…

Wayne Manor

As if the Batcave wasn’t enough, there’s even a 12 seat theater on site. You could kick back and watch The Dark Knight on it or something.

Wayne Manor

We can’t get over this place…

Wayne Manor

A true car lover’s dream, huh? We love this pad. It’s great to see someone putting a little extra thought and effort into designing places. And this is about as unique as it gets!