Crazy Ukrainian Risks Life And Rides On The Roof Of Subway Train

If you’ve ever seen any daredevil videos before, you’ll know that Russia and Eastern Europe breeds some of the most extreme and crazy adrenaline junkies in the world. The latest video that’s gripping the world sees a Ukrainian kid called Pasha Bumchik riding a subway train. Doesn’t sounds that exciting, does it? Well, no. But when you consider that he was on the roof… Well…

The 18 year-old shows no regard for his own safety as he jumps on the roof and then starts walking along it as the train zips from one station to the next. The video’s POV, making it almost look like a first person video game or something. It’s pretty damn cool.

We don’t know if this young dude has got nuts of steel or he’s just terrible at assessing danger, but this could’ve gone horribly awry. Luckily though, he’s still in one piece. Check out his insanity right here: