Crazy Road Rage Driver Faceplants Spectacularly After Chasing Annoying Cyclist

Over in Britain’s biggest town, Reading, an encounter between a driver and a cyclist was caught on camera and it’s gone on to become a hilarious example of how not to behave on the road. The confrontation sees a car driver with an anger management problem get into a row with a provocative cyclist. It’s a good enough video as it is, but add a MASSIVE faceplant into the mix? You’ve got gold.

The argument escalates and sees the driver get out of his car and chase the bike guy, with a right-hander no doubt on his mind. But gravity has other ideas and sees the ‘heavy set’ man (we’re being polite…) hit the deck, face first.

Look, it’s karma, okay? The driver’s well over the top here. There’s no need for his level of anger or for the threats of violence. But just listen to what the cyclist says here. It’s a total douche-off. Have a look: