Rise Of The Machines? Robot Grabs And Kills Worker At German Volkswagen Factory!

    It’s finally happening. The robots are outsmarting us and taking over! They will not cease until we bow down to our new masters.

    Well, maybe that’s pushing it a bit. But, recently, a 22 year old worker at a Volkswagen plant in Germany was killed by a robot that went totally rogue, grabbing him and crushing him against a metal plate in the process. The poor man was setting up a stationary robot at the factory in┬áBaunatal, near Frankfurt, when the accident happened.

    Volkswagen Factory

    Volkswagen spokesman Heiko Hillwig has revealed that an internal investigation determined that human error was to blame for the death. The robot, which is programmed to grab auto parts and manipulate them, was not shut down when the victim was operating on it.

    The robot revolution is on hold. At least for the time being.