Ronda Rousey Nearly Gets Choked Out By TV Reporter During Demo!

Ronda Rousey returns to UFC later this week and most people are anticipating her having a tough return against Amanda Nunes and very few are backing her to win with any ease. But surely she’s still pretty sharp, right?

Well, while appearing on Australian news show A Current Affair, Rousey shows she can be got at. Admittedly, a good choke hold will take out anyone, but the woman choking her out? A reporter who had never even tried MMA before!

Rousey has to politely point out to Elise Elliot that “You stop when the other person taps”. Eliot responds by asking her “Can you please tap?” to which Rousey says: “I tapped.”

Ronda Rousey

A second longer and this could have been seriously embarrassing for the ex-UFC champ.


See exactly what went down: