Every ‘M*therf***er Samuel L Jackson’s Ever Said In One Insane Mash-Up!

Everyone loves the work of Samuel L Jackson. Everyone. The great man is in so many of the best┬ámovies ever, after all. Just think about it… Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Goodfellas, True Romance, Jurassic Park, Jackie Brown, Shaft, Snakes On a Plane, the Star Wars prequels… He’s even Nick Fury in about 150 Marvel movies.

But what do we love about him more than anything else? That’s right – his ability to deliver the greatest swearword of all!

Samuel L Jackson

Edited by Oliver Noble and Ben Craw, this compilation of clips condenses the great man’s career down to just one word. Or is it two words…? Still, this movie mash-up brings us some great films and some less great ones. And in movies like Pulp fiction – brings us some of the most amazing scenes from cinematic history…

Samuel L Jackson

Check it out fo yourself, m*therf*cker…

Samuel L. Jackson. The ‘L’ stands for ‘M*therf*cker’.