Girl Tries To Get Ship To Honk… Then Immediately Regrets Her Decision!

You remember on long car journeys as a kid you’d get bored? There are only so many games of ‘Eye Spy‘ and ‘Spot the Green Car‘ you can play before you get bored, aren’t they? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably quickly have moved into trying to lure truck drivers into sounding their horns. You know, with the ol’ universal horn sign that involves pumping your arm up and down.

Apparently nowadays, truck drivers aren’t allowed to indulge kids’ requests and blare the horn. It’s against the rules. Damn litigious fun-spoiling bureaucrats, huh? Ah well, looks like we’ll have to entertain ourselves by getting large container ships to do it instead. Like this girl here does.

Except nothing can actually prepare her for what happens when the captain of the ship actually obliges and blares out the loudest horn ever multiple times!


She just wasn’t ready!